Where in Dallas to get an… Irish Coffee (Trinity Hall Pub)

Here is my first post for restaurant reviews in the Dallas area. Probably expand to other Texas cities as I have some trips planned over the summer and fall. This is the first place I wanted to review because as a Portland, OR transplant, I have had difficulties finding a place that offers a proper Irish Coffee. Everywhere here that has “heard” of it wants to put some Baileys Irish cream in a luke warm cup of subpar coffee and call it a day. There is has been a couple of places that have done a decent job (I’ll review a couple of those later) but Trinity Hall Pub off of Mockingbird Lane in Dallas has the best so far. What is a proper Irish Coffee you ask? Well first it has a hearty shot of Jameson. Baileys doesn’t go anywhere near this (though I’ve had a good one with Jameson and topped with Bailey’s Whipped Cream). Two teaspoons of sugar in the bottom. There is a special type of glass and in some places that have the special glass will also put sugar on the rim.


Trinity Hall Pub puts some brown sugar instead of regular sugar which I thought really enhanced the flavor. They didn’t have the special glass nor did the rim the glass with sugar which was a little disappointing. However, they brewed a fresh pot of coffee and it was quality coffee. Put a good shot and a half of Jameson. The atmosphere was awesome. My family and I went there on a Friday night and foolishly had eaten dinner at home beforehand. We still got an appetizer, the cheese and bacon fries. It was a big helping of everything and delicious. They had good ranch as well. I’m kinda picky about ranch. This is definitely a place we will frequent. Not just for the excellent Irish Coffee but to try out more food and enjoy the atmosphere.


The entertainment that night was a Mr. Jed Marum. He sang a variety of celtic folk music that just fit perfectly with the atmosphere of the place. I would highly recommend purchasing his music and seeing him live if you have a chance. I know he’ll be back at Trinity Hall June 14th.

Where in Dallas to get an… Irish Coffee (Trinity Hall Pub)

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