Working on my fitness || Week ending 10/25/2014


About 3 weeks ago I joined a 60 miles in 60 day challenge at my work. I have tried repeatedly to take up running but the jarring impact causes me a ton of pain in my knees and back. So this time, I decided to work on my walking and move into a power walk. I must say it’s very satisfying. As of today I’m at 34.5 miles of that 60 and I still have over 5 weeks to go. It’s weird how I can’t get motivated to workout for my health or to lose weight. However, if you give me a challenge to compete against then I’m all over it. I’ve been using the Map My Walk app and just discovered on their website that they have these type of challenges as well. So while I’m still doing the work challenge, I have started three personal challenges. In 4 weeks I hope to walk 45 miles, complete 20 workouts and improve my walking to a 14 minute mile… The last one I’m not sure is going to happen in 4 weeks however at least I have something to work for šŸ™‚ Here is my progress for week 1:

Ami’s WEEKLY WORKOUT SUMMARY WEEK OF 10/19/2014 – 10/25/2014
Workouts 4
Hours 1.89
Distance 7.05
Calories 1146
Working on my fitness || Week ending 10/25/2014

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