Daily Prompt | Pace Oddity

Today. I wish I could speed up today. I work for a 911 call center in the DFW area. My week starts on Wednesday and ends on Sunday. I have worked from 3pm to 3am Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Halloween is notoriously busy and I worked the busiest part of what is one of the busiest days of the year in my line of work. I am exhausted. After getting home this morning at 3:40 and not getting to sleep til close to 5, I woke up at 8:45. Why you ask? Because a co worker hired me to photograph her daughter’s 6th birthday party. It was Frozen themed and she hired people to play Elsa and Ana. It was adorable. But now I’m back at work. I’m only working 8 hours today but the week’s activity and lack of sleep is catching up with me. I have a case, 12 pack, of Cherry Dr. Pepper. My elixir of life.

However, you wanna know the bright side. There is a couple actually. One because of the amount of over time I’ve worked this week, I can’t be told to work any more overtime for the rest of my work week. Two, tonight we fall back an hour. Means an extra hour of glorious, wonderful sleep that I get to catch up on. And since it’s finally turned cold here in Texas, I get to sleep under layers of blankets which is my favorite. I always sleep well when it turns cold.

So now I just have to make it to 11pm. I work with some pretty awesome people, they make it entertaining. The last 3 days have flown by, but as it normally happens, the first 8 hour day I work after days of OT seem to go by so much slower than a 12 hour shift. Then I just have to make 8 hours tomorrow. After that my weekend. Oh happy weekend.

Daily Prompt | Pace Oddity

Daily Prompt | Pace Oddity

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