Daily Post | Powerful Suggestion : What I wish someone told me a year ago

Daily Post | Powerful Suggestion : Wish someone told me a year and half ago to just give it a year.

I moved to Texas from Oregon (with a stop in Oklahoma for a couple of months) a year and a half ago. The newness of everything wore off at about month two. Right around the time I figured out why there is a such a high turnover where I now work.  By month four I was convinced I was going to move back to Portland and told my friends up there so. I missed the less than hour trip to the ocean. I went there every time I need to get out or away. Missed the mist against my face and smell of saltwater. I missed ruby ales and cajun tots from McMenamins. I missed the spanish coffee from Hubers. I haven’t been to a single basketball game and couldn’t get any Blazer games down here. Hell I couldn’t even get a Spurs game (my second favorite pro basketball team), everything is about the Mavs. And the summer here is so very very hot.

However, something change at about month 10. It may have a little to do with meeting my boyfriend. Having grown up in the area, he has shown me a few things about it that’s actually cool and enjoyable. Then there was other things I started to notice. Like how people down here are much more friendly than up there. The food tastes better, I have to admit. Texans know how to cook a steak.  I thought about how the close friendships I developed in the short time I’ve been here and how much I’d miss them. Oh and then there is just a 3 hour drive from Dallas to Austin and San Antonio. Texas Hill Country is so beautiful and if needed can be a day trip. Long day trip but still a day trip. And while I don’t like the 100 plus degree weather for most of the summer, I love that Texas has four seasons. Yes sometimes all four in one day but 4 distinct seasons. Love the smell of the air after a thunderstorm and the changing color of the leaves in the fall. Being able to use a pool all summer long , unlike the northwest were you get a good month maybe.

Now after 18 months I don’t see myself moving back. I realized that I am meant to be here, at least for now. I’m not saying that I’ll always stay in the Dallas area specifically. But I still have some stuff that’s easier to access to see before I consider moving. I’m able to see family I haven’t seen in 2 decades. The boyfriend and I are going to Disney World in September and planning a trip to New Orleans at the beginning of the year .  Dallas is starting to develop it’s own food scene and this summer we’re going to check out the Truck Yard and different places that are part of that development. Not too mention frequent trips to Austin for all that you can do there.

So the whole point of all of this, is that if you’ve moved and are questioning it, give it a year. You might just find that you made the best decision of your life if you stick it out long enough.



Daily Post | Powerful Suggestion : What I wish someone told me a year ago